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When I opened the shipped box from UPS today, the first thing I did was, stare at the cover page for a good 7 seconds, I mean, it was Mrs. Bure. She is like my childhood star icon from The Full House.
Candace has been one of my role models since the TV shows have ended, especially when she married a Russian NHL hokey star- I was obsessed. I still keep reading her blogs from time to time (click on the link to go there) her life is my inspiration, and… she is very beautiful!!!
So anyways, I decided to blog about her because she has CAMBRIA quartz countertops in their new second home in Napa Valley as ell as their family wine business tasting room. ‘Bure Family Wines‘.

Cambria is a family owned and American made product. It is environmentally green, the surfaces are super durable, stronger than granite, resistant to high heat, and nonporous- virtually a maintenance free product.
So far this year, ‘Bellingham’ color has been the most popular of all the Cambria’s colors- it has this very subtle yet bold look to it, swirl movements remind me of dark & white chocolate melted and slowly mixed together making these unique and perfect patterns- like a hot chocolate mocha would right before you sip it. But it is becoming more a more custom to have two different countertops, meaning the peninsula is a solid/ constant surface such as Cambrias’ color ‘Newport’ which is a clean light color top, while the island is more of a bolder look with matching Cambrias colors like ‘Braemar’ or ‘Bellingham’, making your kitchen the center of attention. The subtle colors of countertops and backsplash are not competing, but rather complementing the contemporary feel.

In the spring of 2012 Cambria has introduced 4 new very beautiful and exotic colors; Laneshaw, Armitage, Hollinsbrook, & Bradshaw from the Waterstone Collection 2012, becoming available to the public shortly, and they are just magnificent, a true statement. When we went to KBIS in Chicago just last month, I’ve had the chance to see the slabs in person, I tell ya, I was circling them about 4 times each- they are just gorgeous. The colors and veining remind me of natural beauty of granite and marble, but in continuous mesmerizing colors. YK Stone Center showroom in Denver will have samples available very soon.
To read a full post about the Bure’s please visit A Taste for Life article featured in the Summer2012 Cambria online issue
~ couple of fun photos below ~
YK Stone Center - Cambria quartz in Denver
YK Stone Center - Cambria quartz in Denver
YK Stone Center - Cambria quartz in Denver

Visit Official Cambria Website.

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