Counter Edges

A Great Way to Enhance the Appearance of Your Granite Tops is with an edge!
When deciding to go with granite or marble countertops there are a lot of decisions that have to be made, for instance what color do I like? Or, Will this granite go with my new cabinets? Or, what kind of sink will compliment my stainless steel appliances? But people tend to forget that the edge profile is just as important as any of those other things.

Since there are many different kinds of edges that you can chose from, it is important to consider a few things. First is, what kind of an appearance do you want, contemporary? Or something more elegant? Fancy or simple? Another thing to factor in is the cost. Not all edge profiles are equal, and the price can vary.

On the basic end of the spectrum is the eased over edge. It is the simplest edge but at the same time shows the character of the granite the best. Another pro is that it usually is one of the standard edges and does not cost extra. One of the more popular edges is called the oversized bullnose edge, it is simply just a round edge is what most people think of when they picture a kitchen. This is also considered a standard/ pencil edge.

There are also fancier and more expensive edges. These include the ogee, and the rope. Another great one that is chosen for a lot of mountain homes is called the broken edge, or chiseled edge. A lot of these upgraded edges are chosen to compliment some other thing in the house or to make the granite stand out more, or is the focal point of the kitchen – Island. These fancier edges could be a great upgrade and they do command more focus to your granite tops.

The edge profiles mentioned here are only a few of the edge profiles available out there. Some of these edges require special tools to fabricate, and as a credible granite company, we are able to produce most of these edges. Enjoy the beauty that a granite countertop brings to your kitchen.

Flat Polish edge

Pencil edge

Broken Edge, Upcharge

Crown Edge, specially made for a house featured in ‘Mountain House & Home’ magazine..-the only one in Colorado -upcharge

Birds Beak edge, Upcharge

Beveled edge, Upcharge

Rope edge, Upcharge

Ogee edge, upcharge

4″ mitered edge on island- upcharge
…. ~~ and many many more ~~ ….

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