NEW 2011 YEAR!!!!! :)

Well, and this New Years, we decided to do each of our own thing, but eventually the whole family came together in the end. The place to be, was at a Breckenridge lodge house, it was super awesome, close to the ski lift and the fresh snow, and powder outside our windows.. It really was refreshing.
Ily had a little miss calculation on one of his jumps on his snowboard and landed a little wrong, resulted in a very sore knee, where he still can’t stand on it, so if you see him at work with a small limp, that’s the cause 🙂 but it was all worth …. i guess. 😛
While guys snowboarded, we (girls); had a small photoshoot outdoors, in the -10degree weather. It was super cold, but we loved it!!! Later all being around the wood fireplace getting warmed up with tea and coffee.
I’ve never seen a fox soo up-close in my life before, but she kept coming back, ‘cuz we were grilling meat outside and i guess the smell was super delicious and there was much temptation. :). we named her Foxy. ha..


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